Friday, 6 May 2016

Starting and Designing a Blog When You Don't Know Much Coding

Designing My Own Blog

When I decided to start this blog I knew I was going to use Blogger as my free blogging platform. While I can hardly code beyond centralising text, I still wanted to design my own blog. To do that I needed access to the template editor, which Blogger allows.

I settled on a minimalist theme. Firstly, because I like the clean look. Secondly, it's a neutral look, and since I'm still trying to figure out what I'll be blogging about, it has a better chance of fitting in with whatever direction my blog would eventually take. Lastly, because it is minimalist, I didn't have to add fancy things that I didn't have the skill for.

As a base to work from, I used the Simple template which is one of the free templates available on the platform. Most of the changes I've made were simply removing elements from the template; from the navigation bar to the border around the page tabs. If you're looking to declutter your blog as well, here are a few blogs that have great tutorials and tips that were really helpful in helping me achieve the look I was going for:

Bloomin' Rouge - This is more of a beauty blog but it also has great blogging tips.

I got a hang of coding after a while and understood enough to go into other elements to make additional edits. There were of course many trial and errors, and while some things didn't quite work, some did. One thing to remember if you're tweaking your template is to always keep a backup. This is so that you can always go back to what it was before if you can't figure out to undo the changes you made.

Overall I like how my blog turned out. Choosing a minimalist design worked really well for me and this coding adventure was a nice little challenge. So how about you? Did you attempt to design your own blog, or make edits to your template?



  1. Your blog looks really great for being a newbie coder! I know just enough about coding to get myself into trouble. haha. I hired someone to give my blog a makeover. I did NOT trust myself!! :)

    1. Thank you. I did get into a little trouble myself too and had to redo it all over again.