Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Teen Magazines of Yesteryear

Or more specifically the teen magazines I used to read when I was a teen. I say read, but I really just mostly scanned the pages. I used to love getting a new issue and seeing the pretty covers, all those cover lines and of course the glossy pictures inside as well.

It was different then. In the late 1990s and the early 2000s the internet was still relatively new; teen magazines were still the media outlet for teens to get all the latest fashion, tv, movie, pop culture news, and trends. Some of the magazines: Teen People, Elle Girl, Cosmogirl and Teen Vogue were even launched during this period.

Oh, how quickly things changed. More websites and blogs emerged. They provided content at usually no cost to the reader. Then there are the social media sites that gained popularity quickly among teens and they became a constant distraction. All of them were competing for the same audience and many magazines just weren't able to hold on to their readership. Most of the teen magazines in the picture have already folded. Only two are still in publication: Teen Vogue and Seventeen.

Having been a reader of these magazines, I was a little sad when I discovered most of them weren't around anymore and got a little nostalgic about them. Each magazine issue is like a little time capsule isn't it? You'd get a little window into what was relevant to that particular time: what was fashionable, what movie was coming out, who was popular and who's star was rising. I actually remember owning some of the issues pictured above, which makes me wish I kept some of those issues and in a way revisit that particular time.

Do you recognize and remember any of these teen magazines or any particular issue?

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  1. That is sad that only two are still around! Seventeen was one of my favorites when I was a teenager!

    Doused In Pink